Cheap NetBooks & Why You Should Get One

19 Mar

The very first computers that the world saw occupied an entire room! Huge cooling requirements & power supply was needed for these first generation computers. Thankfully with the evolution of new technology like silicon chips & integrated circuits, small is considered more powerful. First came desktops that were easily affordable & soon every household had one to boast of. Then came the laptops-computing devices that you could carry around where you go. And now we have an even better & lightweight option-netbooks computers& tablets. Equipped with all the functionalities of a laptop, these 7” computers are taking over the IT world by storm. Light in weight as compared to a fully fledged laptop, these mini computers are rapidly becoming a preferred choice amongst professionals & students.

So why should you choose a netbookover a good old sturdy desktop? Of course first is the portability factor. Many of our cities have free Wi-Fi hubs that allow free browsing in cafés, airports etc. Also a large number of institutions prefer having an online library & have their own LANs that allow students to stay connected as well as help them in their educational researches. To avail the maximum benefits of the internet & stay connected and updated always, one needs access to these hubs. A mini laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity is thus the best choice for students. Even professionals who need to check emails & prepare presentations find a 7” computer handier to use than carrying around a bulky laptop.

Before you venture out & buy yourself just any cheap netbook, there are some things about them that you need to know. A netbook is not a laptop. As such you will invariably find it wanting in some features. The battery backup may not be as good as any laptop. However you can improvise by buying a netbook that has more cells in it to ensure more battery life. The display of a netbook is also of your concern. Getting a too small display will mean the same as having a normal smart phone. You will be frowning & regretting in no time. Smaller displays mean that the user will never be comfortable working on the device. When it comes to internet connectivity too the pages will take longer time to download & may not even display well. of what use will you have of a cheap netbook if the important functionalities are missing, right?

So log in today at to find a range of exciting new designs in mini computers & netbooks. With proper functionality & assured quality, is a great choice for buying laptops onoline.


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