Android & a Look At Pros & Cons

03 May

Computer manufactures are changing the way we look and deal with computers, every day. There was a time when we had big computers that took lots of space on table and were heavier. These are getting replaced with light, thinner, smaller and inexpensive alternatives which are mini laptops, mini netbooks, notebook computer or Android netbooks.

When I hear of Android and a mini netbook, somehow these two things never match. If I have a net book or a mini laptop it is obvious it will have Windows and if I own a smart phone it will contain Android. But, with the changing times we are doing anything and everything. There are smart phones having Windows and mini netbooks with Android.

Android is one of the most popular operating system used for mobile phones. Every successful smart phone in the market consists of Android operating system. It is an open source operating system which lets any developer use it and definitely more powerful. There are computer companies which are looking forward to have Android as their operating system. Low power netbooks work efficiently with it.

There may be some disadvantages associated as well. Installing Android on mini netbooks or mini laptops say slow the machine a bit. The hardware designed for mobile phones is apt for Android operating systems than that of netbooks. If you compare any other netbook having some different operating system than Android, you will notice that it runs fast.

Imagine using mouse on an Android system. We are generally not accustomed to using mouse on our mobile phones. The user interface would be similar to that of a mobile phone but when we use it on net books it gets a bit uncomfortable.

Some functions which work great on mobile phone may not be so good on notebook computers. These functions may take some time to be developed and made available for netbook users. The software which runs on Windows may not be compatible with netbook Android and can create problems.

Interesting as it may seem, but not all netbooks are ready for this change yet. iPads or tablets which are exclusively designed to be run on Android operating systems work the best. These days there are computers available in the market which are designed specially for kids. They are also Android enabled. These mini laptops are specially designed for kids so that they learn fast and efficiently.

No matter if it is for kids or adults, Android  ormini netbook one should always take care of some points while buying one. Always analyze your budget before actually going and buying one. Research on everything before hand, think about your usage, the person who is using it and for how long will he use it. Just take of certain points and you will get the best computing machine possible.


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