Cheap Laptops And Mini Computers For All

03 May

Most of you must have had a dream of owning a laptop, but many of you may not have purchased it. Your reasons for not purchasing may include its bulky size, its cost, and the form factor or may be any other personal reasons. Whatever may be the case, you now have a chance to rethink. If cost was your concern then we have many cheap laptops available in the market. These laptops come with a basic configuration which is just suitable for day to day computing needs like watching movies, surfing the internet, listening to songs and reading eBooks etc. The cost of these cheap laptops starts from around seven thousand bucks. Companies like Acer, Compaq, HCL and many others provide these laptops at such dirt cheap prices. All these laptops are fully serviceable and come with a warranty of at least one year.Image

If your reason for not buying a laptop is the huge size, then you also need to rethink about your decision. Due to advancement in the technology one can now find a variety of mini computersi.e. laptops with very good configurations but small size in the market. These laptops also support high end applications that require rigorous processing and computing capabilities like gaming etc. These mini computerscome in variety of colors and in different styles to suit your needs. The price range of these Cheap Laptops starts from around fifteen thousand rupees. In this segment one can find well known laptop makers like Dell, Sony, Samsung, IBM, HP and many others along with the cheaper ones like HCL, Acer, Compaq etc.

If you are not a kind of person who prefers laptops then tablets are your best choice. They are smaller in size and much cheaper and can work out as a replacement of your existing laptop. The main advantage of such tablets is portability, while the main disadvantage of such laptops is their low computing capabilities. These tablets also do not support plug and play devices. Most of them come preinstalled with an Android Operating System and are thus known as Android computers. These Android computers support most basic functionalities like surfing the internet, watching video clips, listening to songs etc., but it may not be possible for you to watch long movies due to its short battery life. The price of such tablets generally starts from three thousand rupees, and varies depending upon the configuration and the speed of the processor. You can shop online for the same & avail great discounts today!


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