Netbook- almost as good as laptops!

07 Aug

Advancing technology means improved gadgets and nowhere has the improvement been so swift or effective as in the case of computers. From bulky desktop computers we came to laptops which could be carried around and from laptops now we have ultra-thin netbooks which weigh barely 2-3lbs or 1-1.5kg and are less expensive, too. A netbook is a cheaper and smaller version of a laptop and its operating system is just like a laptop except for some features.Image

The screen size of netbook computers rarely goes beyond 7 -10 inches although certain manufacturers are taking the liberty of calling slightly larger (11- 12 inches) machines also ‘netbooks’. But, overall, the size of the netbook screen hovers around 10 inches along with a 1024 x 600 screen resolution. Since netbooks are meant to be easily carried (even far more easily than laptops), their weight rarely exceeds beyond 2 -3 lbs although, there may be a slight variation from manufacturer to manufacturer. Although netbooks cannot replace laptops, they are certainly ideal if you are on the move constantly and require something less heavy to lug around. Netbooks can do almost all the tasks of a basic computer which your smart phone cannot do. The length and width of netbooks also make them ideal for storage even in the most cramped spaces.

Almost all the netbooks can carry up to 2GB memory and have two kinds of storage options- the SSD or Solid State Disk and the HDD or the Hard Disk Drive. Netbooks come with a built-in microphone, webcam for facilitating video conferences, memory card reader, headphone and a few optionals like Bluetooth.  Unlike traditional laptops, netbooks do not have full-size keyboards. The size of the keyboard ranges from 80% to 93% of the full size and this depends upon the screen size of the netbooks. A point worth considering before purchasing netbooks is to see whether you can use the keyboard comfortably. A too small keyboard may be difficult to use for those with large fingers.

Netbooks have a generous battery life even when on the move because of its low powered computer processors. These processors have a single core unlike two cores found in many laptops. Despite its single core, netbooks are capable of video editing or any other type of intensive computing needs.  Although there are cheap netbooks but if you can you should opt to pay a bit more and go in for as better version which has a higher memory and swifter processing. There is no doubt that netbooks have become a staple choice for most people and also makes for one of the best gift ideas.




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