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Picking Up A Computer for Your Child

With the rapid increasing rate of technical advancement, every parent makes the best effort to keep their kids equally free with the growing technology. The kids of present generation are trained quite early and are very comfortable with the technology of today. Gone the time when children used to play with indoor games or video games, the games now in trend are played in a play station or laptops. In this scenario giving them a kids computer (computer meant for kids) is a nice decision. Here comes the kids laptop or Netbook into the scene.

The kids laptop is a computer specially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the kids less than 14 years of age.  Cheap netbooks is a laptop which is smaller in size and with lesser features. It is generally used as a substitute to a laptop as it comes for a much lesser price. Now the question which arises is how to choose the best kids computeror the perfect suitable device for your kids. Well the answer is quite simple: – just go through the reviews of the device you are planning to buy. The reviews clearly specify the quality of the product based on people’s personal experience.

Some basic things which you should take care before buying a kids laptop are:-

What should it look like? The laptops for kids should be colorful and be attractive in order to attract them and keep them busy. Pictures of cartoon characters can add a spark to it.

What programs should it support? Now days many schools allow such devices to be   used, so it should support programs like word processing software, basic office tools, calculators etc… The device should also support gaming features as it is one of the most beloved things kids would want to do in their laptops. It should have pdf readers so that kids get to read story books.

How durable is it? Well this can turn out to be the most important question in case of buying kids computer. Kids have a tendency o break laptops soon and use them in a rough way. The laptop for kids should have a scratch resistant screen, should have a waterproof cover. The device should be shock proof as kids will hill have greater tendency to drop them.

Should INTERNET be allowed? Well this depends on the parents that weather they will allow their kids to use internet. If you don’t want your child to use internet then you can always switch off the wireless internet receptor in the device and even disable the Ethernet. It is advised that kids should be allowed to use internet but with proper supervision.

Kids laptops vary with many just offering the basic computer skills while some are with all features. Keeping these things in mind you can go to a shop or go online to get the best deal and don’t forget to check for the warranty.

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Android Netbooks: A Small Wonder

The green robot is literally everywhere. No, it’s not the HULK, it is the android logo!! Since it was acquired in 2005 by Google Inc., the android operating system has been on a phoenix-rise. Android is basically a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and it has revolutionised the way people look at computers and mobiles. The dad-generation was quite happy with the bulky PC sitting pretty at their homes working with a buzz-sound. But that is the case no more. See around and if you find someone with a “black slate” then most probably it is an android tablet.

With portability being the corner stone of its advantages, the android netbooksprovides a plethora of services and makes life much easier to go on. The best thing about android netbooks is that it is open source unlike the previous operating systems which had a phobia of adaptability to different software’s specifications and needs. The android has accelerated the growth of Camera Netbook in the market of PC’s and laptops.

Now “mobile phones”-as they are commonly called by a lay man- have all the capabilities of a computer. Except of hardware susceptibility the mini netbooks are way ahead of their yesteryear technological-counterparts in performance and serviceability. The buttons are replaced with sensitive touch screen which satisfies the human desire to have control at the “tip of his hands”, the broken-pixel display is replaced by the picture-perfect LCD screens with crystal clear display, the apps provided with thenetbooks have successfully combined several instruments to one. Android tablets have a very smooth interface and quick response capabilities. They have reached out to every common man owing to their cheap prices and easy availability. The android netbooks have features such as face and voice recognition, handwriting recognition, Wi-Fi, variety of sensors, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. They can easily be synced and backed up using PC.

Fast Hard Disk Drives, high frequency processors, better battery lives, royal design, high end technology; almost everything about the mini notebooks has worked its way to fulfil the dream of a technology-geek. The office-goers have their task cut out with the advent of office-apps in the market. One can easily make a presentation, check and send e-mails, note in a notepad, connect to the internet and browse; all in just a single device. The mini netbooks increase your speed since they do not take much time to start up with less software to load and usage of flash memory. The android tablets are a hit among the college-going population. One can watch movies, chat with friends, play favourite games, listen to music and even compose music!!  The mini netbookslimited connectivity options and no optical drive increases their battery life. This makes them very suitable for outdoor usage. The mini netbook curtails the non-essential features of a laptop and provides a single performance-oriented device.

The tablets and mini notebooks are in a state of constant development. With a slightest development they are becoming more flexible, compatible, portable, quicker and easier to use.

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Netbook: A Bird’s Overview

Netbook Computer- defined as an offspring of a laptop, this miniaturised technology has been able to gulp huge amount of problems of portability of computers required in the modern-age where laptops are considered as good as a PC in case of portability.if you are a regular commuter and cannot be in proximity of a wall outlet then a netbook computer is the thing for you. Laptops come with a galaxy of features. There is no precise line dividing laptops for personal use and professional use. But netbook computers differ in this sphere. Though it gives all the features, but its chief purpose is to provide the most basic requirements and hence customise the utilization.

Since its invasion in the market in 2007 netbooks have edged out the notebook computers in terms of using for specific purpose. Netbook computers are chiefly designed to provide outdoor usage and serviceability. They are lighter than laptops but not necessarily faster. Generally netbooks come with an Intel atom processor which fits in to the limited space available. But now even more developed processors like the Intel Atom Dual Core processor and the AMD processor is available which provides a better performance. They have a screen size of 10 inches at maximum which makes the less spacious. A netbook computer has a keyboard but the CD/DVD-ROM is cut out to decrease the size and weight. Netbooks are provided with a good battery life to permit outside usage. They are much more affordable than their notebook counterparts and rightly so because they are designed with less specifications for more optimized use.

Netbooks are especially very useful in an office scenario. The office-goers have huge amount of tasks handed out to them which cannot be done without the help of a computer and they keep commuting most of the time. This is where the netbook comes in to save them being red-faced in front of their bosses. Since the Android Computer can be carried out, one can make presentations, access internet through wi-fi, send and receive mails, connect to Bluetooth devices and access files. A non-office-goer might like to listen to music, read e-books, view photos and videos. Netbook computers now come with an in-built camera which enables video chat and sending video messages. In short netbooks are more or less laptops of small size.

With the internet booming on us like never before netbooks is certainly the way to go. They are customized for easy internet access and file sharing. The professionals who have nothing to do with the entertainment quotient of computer have a fitting aide in a netbook computer. One can easily convert his bed, or his car seat, or his kitchen platform, or his sofa to his workplace. There are no restrictions and endless possibilities, whatsoever. As the world becomes a global cyber village, to all the budding entrepreneurs a netbook computer certainly is a god-sent device.




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Advantages of Notebook computers over desktop computers

Technology is increasing with leaps and bounds. Something that is in fashion, new or latest becomes old in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with this changing trend often becomes troublesome. Just a computer usage has become so common over the past ten years or so. It is now a mandatory requirement in most professions and homes. Computer literacy is given utmost importance in offices as well as schools.

Be it school assignment or some official work, it has to be done with the help of computers. The desktop computer is known for its all round performance, high performance, high configuration, compatibility, readability and ease of use along with being low in cost. On the other hand, Notebook computers are very compact, easily relocatable but slightly over priced. However, the way people look at netbooks has highly changed.

Both of these forms of computers are highly popular among young and old likewise. Both of these computers are used by separate genres. Desktops a popular choice by office people has made smaller. Any Notebook computer can do what usual desktops do. Earlier it was not easy to upgrade laptops but that is not the case now. RAM (random access memory) can be enhanced easily increasing the performance. Notebookcomputers can be costly as they integrate several features of desktop into a mall machine.

There are times, when we need to travel and work as well. 7″ Computer & Netbooks are a plus point during such times. Compact, easy to carry and portable are some of the advantages of owning one. The storage capacity was always a plus point with desktop computers, which has changed now. Thanks to separate hard disks, storage devices, and increased laptop memories, desktops are not the only preferred choice by youth now.

Notebooks enable wireless internet access, which is not possible on desktops. The battery backup of notebook let the user keep working even if there is no power supply for long hours at a stretch. This facility is the best feature of notebooks or laptop computers. These days there are mini laptops also in the market that are highly portable and efficient.

Generally, these use LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that are better and provide a brighter view to its users. Netbook android have several other features like face recognition, finger print reading and other security issues. Inbuilt camera and dvd combo drive that play almost all formats is a plus point with every laptop.

Moreover, with changing times, there are variations in operating system as well. There are several android netbooks also available in the market. Netbook android are the latest technical advancement in this field and is sure to stay for a while. These are not also so costly or put a hole in the pocket. They are easily available at best prices everywhere. There are different laptops for different needs. What you need to do is find you need and get one for yourself as soon as possible!




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