Android Netbooks: A Small Wonder

07 Sep

The green robot is literally everywhere. No, it’s not the HULK, it is the android logo!! Since it was acquired in 2005 by Google Inc., the android operating system has been on a phoenix-rise. Android is basically a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and it has revolutionised the way people look at computers and mobiles. The dad-generation was quite happy with the bulky PC sitting pretty at their homes working with a buzz-sound. But that is the case no more. See around and if you find someone with a “black slate” then most probably it is an android tablet.

With portability being the corner stone of its advantages, the android netbooksprovides a plethora of services and makes life much easier to go on. The best thing about android netbooks is that it is open source unlike the previous operating systems which had a phobia of adaptability to different software’s specifications and needs. The android has accelerated the growth of Camera Netbook in the market of PC’s and laptops.

Now “mobile phones”-as they are commonly called by a lay man- have all the capabilities of a computer. Except of hardware susceptibility the mini netbooks are way ahead of their yesteryear technological-counterparts in performance and serviceability. The buttons are replaced with sensitive touch screen which satisfies the human desire to have control at the “tip of his hands”, the broken-pixel display is replaced by the picture-perfect LCD screens with crystal clear display, the apps provided with thenetbooks have successfully combined several instruments to one. Android tablets have a very smooth interface and quick response capabilities. They have reached out to every common man owing to their cheap prices and easy availability. The android netbooks have features such as face and voice recognition, handwriting recognition, Wi-Fi, variety of sensors, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. They can easily be synced and backed up using PC.

Fast Hard Disk Drives, high frequency processors, better battery lives, royal design, high end technology; almost everything about the mini notebooks has worked its way to fulfil the dream of a technology-geek. The office-goers have their task cut out with the advent of office-apps in the market. One can easily make a presentation, check and send e-mails, note in a notepad, connect to the internet and browse; all in just a single device. The mini netbooks increase your speed since they do not take much time to start up with less software to load and usage of flash memory. The android tablets are a hit among the college-going population. One can watch movies, chat with friends, play favourite games, listen to music and even compose music!!  The mini netbookslimited connectivity options and no optical drive increases their battery life. This makes them very suitable for outdoor usage. The mini netbook curtails the non-essential features of a laptop and provides a single performance-oriented device.

The tablets and mini notebooks are in a state of constant development. With a slightest development they are becoming more flexible, compatible, portable, quicker and easier to use.

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