Android Computers

07 Nov

The semi-circle headed green robot has certainly made its way to our lives. Well, you guessed it right, it is the android logo!! Since the company was acquired in 2005 by the Google Inc., the android operating system has been on a rise of its own. The previous generations were quite happy with the bulky PC sitting pretty at their homes working with a buzz-sound. But that is the case no more. Android is basically a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and it has overturned the way people look at computers and mobiles. Look around the park and you would surely find someone or the other sitting on the bench with a square device in his hands- the android tablet.

With portability being the chief requirement in today’s age, the android netbooks provides just that; along with a plethora of services and makes life much easier to go on. Probably the best thing about android netbooks is that it is open source unlike the previous operating systems which were susceptible. They had adaptability-issues with the needs of different software’s specifications. The android operating system has given a push to mini netbooks in the market of PC’s and laptops.

Now the mobile phones are as good as the computers. With the exception of hardware susceptibility, the mini netbooks have tons of facts in their favour when compared to their yesteryear counterparts in performance and serviceability. Android netbooks have a very smooth interface and quick response capabilities. The sensitive touch screen have taken place of the gruesome buttons which satisfies the human desire to have control at the “tip of his hands”, the netbooks have the LCD screens with crystal clear display, the apps available in the “android market” have helped the users in more than one ways. They have reached out to the common man owing to their cheap prices and easy availability. The android tablets have certain mind-blowing features such as face and voice recognition, handwriting recognition, wi-fi, variety of sensors, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. They can easily be synced and backed up using PC.

The android computers have formed a league of their own. Apart from the regular features of the netbooks viz. fast Hard Disk Drives, high frequency processors, better battery lives, high end technology; the android operating system have added a zing to its functionality with is interface and apps. The corporate sector professionals have their task made easy by the variety of apps available online related to the business sector. The android netbooks increase your speed by using the flash memory. The limited connectivity options and no optical drive increase their battery life. This makes them very suitable for outdoor usage. The android netbooks provide a single performance-oriented multi-tasking device.

The android operating system has increased the utility of the mini netbooks and the tablets available in the market to a large extent. Buy one of those and you certainly won’t regret!

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