Mini notebook: Why to buy your child a notebook computer?

06 Dec

The world is indeed getting smaller and so are our gadgets. At a time, when a humongous desktop sized computer was considered a luxury for many, now miniature computers and notebooks have made it to several households. Technology must receive all the plaudits for enclosing our world into a small mini computer. While laptops have become mandatory for grown-ups and employees, a child is enjoying the company of inexpensive computers which are smaller in size and pretty cheap. Yet they come with every feature that the child may find useful.

A mini notebook is a small computer, usually a 7” computer, which gives parents an inexpensive solution for the child’s everyday needs. Technology has also transformed the way your kids are getting educated these days. Text books are increasingly becoming redundant and more and more teachers are going online to teach concepts & figures. Some schools even ask their students to mandatorily carry a notebook computer. Such computers are quite small in size (roughly the size of a big textbook) and can be easily carried. They are light as the manufacturers take painstaking efforts to ensure that the children can lift them easily. Making them too heavy would have defeated the whole purpose of designing such computers since they are meant for primary uses and the school-kids take up a large share of market for these products.

A mini notebook is really advantageous if you are talking about school students. A 10-year old kid for instance, cannot carry a normal-sized laptop. It is too heavy to carry and will be difficult to operate in a small classroom. Even the 18-year college goers won’t find the idea of carrying a laptop too tempting because their portability is limited. Carrying them for official purpose is another matter and can be managed somehow. But carrying them to educational institutes and then following the teacher’s instructions while using them is asking a bit too much out of these gadgets.

On the other hand, a notebook computer or a 7” computer has that portability and is feather-light. Besides, these computers are cheaper than the normal-sized ones. Manufacturers have to spend a lesser amount of cost on the hardware of these gadgets and hence they can be sold at lower costs. So, parents who cannot afford an expensive computer can easily buy their kids a mini notebook for his day-to-day use. These notebooks may not be suited for professional purpose but still have every basic feature to help the child study, surf and even play games.

Another feature of a notebook computer is that it is designed to cater to the pre-teen and teenage kids. So, emphasis is higher on small-sized screens and large-sized icons & words. Such an arrangement helps the students to read and write easily and no strain is put on their eyes or mind. Since a 7” computer chiefly caters to the youths and kids, manufacturers design them in a wider range of bright colors and even with attractive movie themes. Overall, these computers help the kids to learn and play at the same time and contribute positively in their mental growth.

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