OS Of Today: The Android Operating System

06 Dec

With the number of technological companies manufacturing computers in the fray, there is bound to be a demand for a good operating systems to be used. The android has recently proved its mettle quite efficiently and is the most sought operating system now. They obviously have some advantages over the other operating systems to be used in most of the tablets and mini netbooks.

The first and foremost advantage of android tablets is their cheap price. The tablets powered by android are a lot cheaper than the Apple iPads. They even allow downloading third-party software which the iPad prevents. These tablets have a good interface, but the main scorer is that it can be easily customised to suit the needs. Even a new user can easily explore the features without much difficulty. Netbook androids have pretty quick response capabilities. The plethora of apps available on the internet for the android OS is incredible.

The android tablets have great features such as face and voice recognition, handwriting recognition, wi-fi, variety of sensors, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. In partnership with the netbooks, which already have customised specifications, the android uses the flash memory to make processing even faster. An Android OS device is a powerful, portable PC which gives users the ability to perform hundred of tasks. You could use a netbook android to entertain yourself. You might listen to music, take photographs and edit them, read ebooks, arrange compositions and even play some of them with the music apps or even watch a movies on the flat LCD screen.

You could use it for official purposes too. It serves as a paperless office, using the virtual notepad instead of real paper. You can make presentations, download PDF files and use the office applications. An mini netbook is certainly a good buy if you need to check your email too often. You can easily log in and out of the internet using the android tablet due to their fast speed and portability. Another reason of android’s popularity is their availability in various devices. They can be made compatible to most of the devices and software. That is why most of the companies have adopted the android operating system. Since android is acquired by Google, it has apps for most of the Google’s services like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Voice, and also shopper, translate, and finance.

The android tablets and netbooks can be very difficult to choose from since they come in a lot of varieties. All you need to do it track down your requirements, look up the internet for the best suited device and buy it! There are many sites which deliver the android computers to your doorstep such as The prices are always going to be less than the market price. The sites provide great deals & offers and free shipping too.

Android makes the mobile computing experience much more satisfying than any other operating system does. No doubt they wear the crown in the market.

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