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6 great features of netbook computers and cheap netbooks

This is the 21st century world which runs on gadgets and gizmos. Screen is fast replacing pages; E-books are taking over conventional books and onscreen learning is substituting traditional method of learning. So, robbing your child of netbook computers would be harsh of you and may do a lot of damage to his academy & career. While buying an Android tablet, always make sure to buy it from a well-known company. Since it is a one-time investment, you must not shy away from spending a bit more if the situation so demands. However, be rest assured, since a top-class supplier always charges reasonable and genuine prices and never taxes you unconditionally.

The sophisticated modern-day cheap netbooks are loaded with great apps and stuffed with excellent features. All of them make your investment seem a really minuscule one. Here are 6 special and noteworthy features of these mini gadgets:

Light and mobile: An Android tablet is really very small and only marginally larger than a cellular phone. It, therefore, goes without saying that they are extremely mobile i.e. portable. This is one major advantage for kids who find them convenient for carrying them to schools and, later on, to colleges. Smaller size and thinner body imply that they do not have many pounds. So, they enjoy higher portability than the average-sized laptops.

Designed to cater to the student community: As a parent, you would be delighted to know that the manufacturers have designed these gadgets to cater basically to the student community. Though even adults can use it occasionally, most of the apps are custom-made for children. So, you may find here a few things which you don’t get in your conventional laptops. Also, programs which are of no use to children or students may not find a place in these netbook computers.

Very very cheap: Another reason why parents don’t mind buying these for their kids is that they do not cost them much. You don’t need to set aside any major amount of fund to buy these cheap netbooks. Since, the body and screen are smaller than traditional computers and only the basic apps are present, the companies are very willing and eager to offer them at incredibly low prices.

Eye-friendly: Some parents are concerned that regular exposure to screen at such a young age may be detrimental to the eyes. Realizing the significance of this concern, the companies these days make very eye-friendly gadgets. For instance, an Android tablet has protective screen with adjustable light. Plus, its heavy fonts and large images have received strong approval from people all over the world.

Attractive: Netbook computers can be really cute, colorful and attractive. One can get them in an array of themes depending on the child’s gender & age. This is another way to make your impish kid sit and learn.

Play & learn: These cheap netbooks also contain interesting games which may seem like videogames to a young one. But as a parent you would be content, since these challenging games will increase his abilities, hand-eye coordination, speed, stamina and riddle-solving abilities.

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Netbook Android: 7 reasons why to buy an Android netbook

The popularity of a netbook is reaching incredible heights in today’s tech age. With the entire world getting hooked to internet, it always helps if you can introduce even your young ones to computers. And when it comes to netbooks, there is nothing better than an Android netbook. They come with excellent features, they are priced reasonably and they are easy to carry around.

Here are 7 reasons why you should buy a netbook Android:

Yummy features: The features of these gadgets can bring water to your mouths in ecstasy. While they are surely one of the coolest looking things around, they also regale you when it comes to in-built features. Reasonably high memory extending up to 32 GB gives you ample space to save all your documents, videos and files. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also special and much-needed features that have received the thumbs up from the Y-generation.

Easy on the pocket: An Android netbook is very cheap. As compared to many other types of computers which are heavier and less portable, these are delightfully inexpensive and definitely give you more value for your money.

Small in size: These machines are very small, almost miniscule when pitted against desktops and computers. They can almost fit into your palms. Thus, even children can use them easily and carry them to schools. Being small in size, they are also very low on weight.

Friendly screen: The screen of these netbooks is very friendly. As a viewer of videos, you will find the background light extremely user-friendly and very salubrious for the eyes. The size of the screen is also small (between 7 and 10 inches) which give a richer experience when you tune into videos or dig into videogames.

Surf at all places: Netbook Android will have the exclusive Wi-Fi feature. Thus, users get a chance to surf the net at homes, offices and even at a friend’s place. Wi-Fi provides easy connectivity and then there is the Bluetooth for rapid sharing of files and videos.

Using it while traveling: If you are a backpacker, then you must equip yourself with a netbook. It can be really very helpful in connecting with your friends and families when you are away from home for a long time. The internet facility available 24/7 will also assist you to figure out great apps and find maps & restaurants. Plus, whenever you feel bored, say while traveling on the bus, you can play games to kill the time. Watching a movie, playing a game, surfing the net and so many other things can be done all the time-whether you are in a cab or in a café.

Useful for your kids: If you have kids at home, then you get another excuse for bringing home an Android netbook. This device is a great help for students for doing their homework and for extracting information from the net. This is also a great way to make your kids tech-savvy without spoiling them with an overdose.

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Mini netbook: Pros and cons of a notebook computer for your kid

An average adult parent faces a common dilemma these days- when exactly to introduce your child to computers! It is true that buying a mini netbook for your kid can help him become familiar with technology at a young age, which can be really stimulating for his grey cells. But again, critics keep coming up with some potent demerits and the ugly side of technology too. After all, a child is merely a child, and an overdose of technology may have a negative effect on his innocence and playfulness. Here are some major pros and cons to help you decide when the right time to bring home that notebook computer is:

Pros: Making the kid tech-savvy: If you believe that we can do without a computer in today’s world, then you are certainly living under the rock. Living in denial is not going to help, as it very evident that the present and the future depend largely on these tech gadgets. It is vital to make your children tech-savvy. And it would be better if he can be introduced to these gizmos earlier in the life rather than later! Early exposure would definitely increase his learning abilities and stimulate his intellectual progress. You can always buy an exclusive 7” computer which is not very expensive.

Making the child competitive: A computer shall surely make the child competitive in the long run. When he or she grows up, it will be very handy if the person has a high amount of confidence & comfort level when it comes to typing, surfing or doing other things on the computers. These days, while applying for job, computer literacy is becoming one of the basic eligibility criteria.

Analytical ability: The manufacturers design a notebook computer or a mini netbook especially for your little ones. Thus, there are a number of puzzles and games which not just entertain them but keep their mind active and increase their analytical ability.


Sedentary lifestyle: One of the biggest cons of computers is that it makes the users addict and thereby propel them to follow a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, once you bring home that much-desired 7” computer for your child, there is a chance that he may slowly get hooked to it and start to lessen his outdoor activities. The sedentary lifestyle can be hazardous for health as today’s children are becoming highly vulnerable to various diseases like diabetes and even high blood pressure. So, it will be important that you maintain a stringent time limit.

Hazardous to the eye: First it was the TV and now it is the computer- these gadgets are definitely making all of us stare at screens for incessantly long number of hours. This is one of the chief reasons why the youths and kids of today are increasingly resorting to specs to correct their vision. So, again, as a parent you must keep a strict vigil on the number of hours spent by your kids over the mini netbook.

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Kids computer: Is it advisable to gift a netbook Android to your child?

This is a long-waging debate and one which will be hard to end in the upcoming future. People from the old school harp on the fact that the children of today are fast losing their childhood because of an early introduction to mini laptops and kids computer! They argue that such an early exposure may be good for the brain but robs the child off many of the simple, innocent pleasures of childhood. They are not completely wrong but then the counter-argument also needs a look in.

The people from the new school say that a computer is a necessity in today’s tech age. Since we cannot survive without it, it will be useful if the person is introduced to technology right from his toddler days. It is unfathomable to even think of a highly educated person being a computer illiterate. Literacy in computers is one of the chief requirements for claiming any job. Plus, there is so much competition around. It would be naïve of a parent to keep their children completely away from gadgets like a netbook Android.

If a person is unfamiliar with computers at the early age and tries his hand on them for the first time only after he crosses his teens, then it would be very difficult for him to stay in the race. Most of his peers and competitors will already be much more quick and efficient with these gadgets and will enjoy a certain advantage over him. Therefore, as a concerned parent, you can be in two minds. Should you gift a netbook Android to your son and help him climb the intellectual ladder or should you wait till he reaches a certain age?

In reality, both the arguments are true. While computers are necessary and highly educative, they also come with certain demerits. Therefore, it is vital to strike the right balance. The ideal thing to do will be to buy kids computer. They are made especially for the children and contain only those applications & tools which will be useful to them at home or in school. The companies have done a laudable job in ensuring that most of the harmful elements are done away with in such mini laptops. For instance, smaller screen and larger fonts ensure that the child’s eyes are least affected and put under minimum strain.

Also, you must keep the gadget under your custody and give it to your son or daughter only for limited number of hours during the day, before collecting it back at night. This is an essential step which drills discipline into the kid’s mind and prevents him for becoming obsessed with the gadget. It also prevents harmful consequences like inactive lifestyle or late-night surfing.

So, as a conclusion, one can surmise that kids computer is certainly a necessity in today’s age. In fact, even schools and teachers recommend the use of mini laptops for better education & understanding. Besides, they help faster growth and strengthen the person’s intelligence. But to encounter the detrimental effects, it is vital that you put certain restrictions of usage & timings.

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How netbook computers can help your child in English, Math and Science?

Are you concerned about your child’s education and the cut-throat competition prevailing in today’s era? Are you worried that your son may lag behind in the race? Are you willing to provide all kinds of facilities to your young one just to see him excel in his life? Were you yourself very apprehensive of abstruse subjects like Mathematics? If the answer to these questions is yes, then all you need is a mini computer.

Gifting netbook computers to your children can be an ideal way to tackle all your fears. More and more parents are waking up to the significance of computers in a student’s life. Even the teachers are strongly advocating e-learning because of its high impact and effectiveness. The teachers and students both have a harrowing time in the classroom when the latter is unable to comprehend what the former is explaining. But a simple and cheap 7” computer can give idyllic solutions to all these hurdles. Because of a variety of reasons, a growing child finds it friendlier to learn through gadgets than through conventional textbooks. Besides, with scores of apps, tools and software, it becomes very easy for the kids to grasp the difficult concepts in their syllabi.

Here is how:

Improving English and linguistic powers: A mini computer is a very helpful device which can be carried everyday to the school because of their light weight and small dimensions. They help the students to improve their English and the linguistic prowess in general. The in-built word documents are easy venues where students can type down essays and notes. They find a lot of assistance from the in-built tools which correct their grammar and spelling mistakes. Suggestions are also provided automatically which help the child to better his writings. And then there is the dictionary which provides correct usage and synonyms. These ultimately go a long way in helping them become better writers.

Improving Mathematics: Netbook computers are also credited for helping users grasp mathematical formulae faster. For instance, if students can do sums on their mini computer, then they are more likely to develop accuracy and speed. Plus, it is always interesting and absorbing to work over the gadget than to work over copy & pen.

Improving science: Teachers all over the world say that they find it very hard to explain some of the more difficult concepts of physics, chemistry or biology. At times, the images presented on the textbooks are not enough since they are static pictures which do not move. But using videos, a teacher can now show these to the young learners on a 7” computer. This mutually benefits both of them. While the teacher can explain better, the student gets a stronger hold of the concept and develops a wider horizon.

Besides, the various games & puzzles which are stored in these netbook computers help to increase the mental faculty of the kids. They not just entertain but also add to his grey cells. Plus, these low priced gadgets can be easily afforded by most parents.

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Great gift ideas: Buy your child a netbook this New Year

New Year is round the corner and you must give something good to your child. Or it may be so that by the time you read this, New Year has already arrived and you still haven’t given something to your kids. Going through some gift ideas for your kids isn’t a bad idea during this time of the year. After all, if a parent gives a nice present to his child, then it can go a long way in cementing the parent-child tie and in strengthening the bond.

One of the most recommended gifts which a father can give to his son or daughter is a netbook or a mini computer. Technology has become a necessary element of our lives and must be embraced with due respect and wise decisions. It is always a nice thing if one can accept these gadgets into their lives slowly and subtly instead of being assaulted by them all of a sudden. Hence, if your son is suddenly introduced to the high dimensions of a computer later in his life, then it would be difficult for him to keep up with his classmates.

It is, hence, extremely crucial that you introduce such tech gadgets early in his life even before he is 10. Of course, you must exercise prudence and caution and must not permit him to spend his entire day over such devices. But once you have taken this basic step, you can be sure that your child will become smarter and more intelligent within no time. A mini computer is a child’s prerogative in today’s fast-paced world. It can help him both at the school and at home. Some conventional parents may be too conservative or apprehensive of such devices and may not think it suitable for their children to become associated with them so early in the life.

But, since the entire world is now reliant on computers, it would be extremely imprudent of you to deprive your kids of this basic necessity. So, how can a netbook help your little ones? Here are some chief ways:

A netbook is extremely helpful for education. It assists the students to write down notes, prepare essays and frame summaries of prose & poetries. They are becoming increasingly popular in schools and most of the modern-day teachers rely on computers for inculcating the basic concepts into the students’ minds.

Another reason why these form one of the great gift ideas is that they act like true guides/friends in a child’s early life. They give him answers to lots of academic problems and increase the memory & mind.

A mini computer is portable and light. Plus, they are eye-friendly. Thus, they do not harm the user in any way and provide only benefits which go a long way in shaping the personality.

These devices also come with pre-loaded games which are basically educational and ultimately help in skill development. Thus, the kid gets to have his entertainment and unknowingly educates himself and strengthens his innate skills.

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Cheap laptops: 5 ways in which an Android computer can benefit your child

The world is divided into two groups of people- one who strongly advocate the use of computers for children and the other who are vehemently against it. A kids laptop has both merits and demerits. It is important to use the gadgets in a controlled way so as to wipe off the negative effects of inactive physical lifestyle or rising possibility of obesity or visionary problems. But if you can put on a time restriction, you can certainly reap in quite a few benefits.

Here are 5 chief ways in which an Android computer can help your kid:

Help him with education: Now-a-days, school and college educations are largely dependent on computers. It is not that such tech tools are indispensable. Some schools still follow the conventional text book style of teaching. However, it can’t be denied that young minds tend to learn faster and better through audio-visual methods. So, why not make use of technology if it’s available easily? After all, no parent is going to complain if their children return home after absorbing all the concepts thoroughly and comprehensively. So, a kids laptop is going to help your child take it to school and to fine-tune his education.

 Games for entertainment and mental faculty: A top-class Android computer is also injected with some smart games & apps which can keep your children pretty hooked. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s lair. These gadgets will certainly drive away all kinds of idleness and help in entertainment. More importantly, most of these games require a certain amount of skill. There are challenging tasks which require quick thinking and fast presence of mind. Intellectually, they can be very stimulating. The puzzles and riddles help to enhance the user’s analytical abilities. All these ultimately make the kid smarter and mentally sharper.

Hand-eye coordination: Strong hand-eye coordination helps a person in many fields including sports and many other activities. These cheap laptops, which won’t cost you much, can do wonders to the hand-eye coordination of the user and make him very swift right from a young age. This can be a very potent advantage and is one of the less-talked about advantages of using a computer.

Increase in memory: This is another lesser known fact. Reading a book may be regaling and refreshing but it also boosts the memory. Similarly, using a kids laptop helps the person to increase his thinking & recalling skills. This, in turn, makes him stand out from his peers and goes a long way in making him a successful person in life. It has a positive effect in both the academic and post-academic life.

Other benefits: These cheap laptops which are very easily available on the net come with an array of other benefits. They increase the mathematical power of calculation, help the child to prepare & save his essays, help with the homework, make him responsible towards work and keep him away from bad company. However, you must not give the children a free rein and must restrict the hours of use.

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