Mini netbook: Pros and cons of a notebook computer for your kid

03 Jan

An average adult parent faces a common dilemma these days- when exactly to introduce your child to computers! It is true that buying a mini netbook for your kid can help him become familiar with technology at a young age, which can be really stimulating for his grey cells. But again, critics keep coming up with some potent demerits and the ugly side of technology too. After all, a child is merely a child, and an overdose of technology may have a negative effect on his innocence and playfulness. Here are some major pros and cons to help you decide when the right time to bring home that notebook computer is:

Pros: Making the kid tech-savvy: If you believe that we can do without a computer in today’s world, then you are certainly living under the rock. Living in denial is not going to help, as it very evident that the present and the future depend largely on these tech gadgets. It is vital to make your children tech-savvy. And it would be better if he can be introduced to these gizmos earlier in the life rather than later! Early exposure would definitely increase his learning abilities and stimulate his intellectual progress. You can always buy an exclusive 7” computer which is not very expensive.

Making the child competitive: A computer shall surely make the child competitive in the long run. When he or she grows up, it will be very handy if the person has a high amount of confidence & comfort level when it comes to typing, surfing or doing other things on the computers. These days, while applying for job, computer literacy is becoming one of the basic eligibility criteria.

Analytical ability: The manufacturers design a notebook computer or a mini netbook especially for your little ones. Thus, there are a number of puzzles and games which not just entertain them but keep their mind active and increase their analytical ability.


Sedentary lifestyle: One of the biggest cons of computers is that it makes the users addict and thereby propel them to follow a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, once you bring home that much-desired 7” computer for your child, there is a chance that he may slowly get hooked to it and start to lessen his outdoor activities. The sedentary lifestyle can be hazardous for health as today’s children are becoming highly vulnerable to various diseases like diabetes and even high blood pressure. So, it will be important that you maintain a stringent time limit.

Hazardous to the eye: First it was the TV and now it is the computer- these gadgets are definitely making all of us stare at screens for incessantly long number of hours. This is one of the chief reasons why the youths and kids of today are increasingly resorting to specs to correct their vision. So, again, as a parent you must keep a strict vigil on the number of hours spent by your kids over the mini netbook.

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