Netbook Android: 7 reasons why to buy an Android netbook

03 Jan

The popularity of a netbook is reaching incredible heights in today’s tech age. With the entire world getting hooked to internet, it always helps if you can introduce even your young ones to computers. And when it comes to netbooks, there is nothing better than an Android netbook. They come with excellent features, they are priced reasonably and they are easy to carry around.

Here are 7 reasons why you should buy a netbook Android:

Yummy features: The features of these gadgets can bring water to your mouths in ecstasy. While they are surely one of the coolest looking things around, they also regale you when it comes to in-built features. Reasonably high memory extending up to 32 GB gives you ample space to save all your documents, videos and files. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also special and much-needed features that have received the thumbs up from the Y-generation.

Easy on the pocket: An Android netbook is very cheap. As compared to many other types of computers which are heavier and less portable, these are delightfully inexpensive and definitely give you more value for your money.

Small in size: These machines are very small, almost miniscule when pitted against desktops and computers. They can almost fit into your palms. Thus, even children can use them easily and carry them to schools. Being small in size, they are also very low on weight.

Friendly screen: The screen of these netbooks is very friendly. As a viewer of videos, you will find the background light extremely user-friendly and very salubrious for the eyes. The size of the screen is also small (between 7 and 10 inches) which give a richer experience when you tune into videos or dig into videogames.

Surf at all places: Netbook Android will have the exclusive Wi-Fi feature. Thus, users get a chance to surf the net at homes, offices and even at a friend’s place. Wi-Fi provides easy connectivity and then there is the Bluetooth for rapid sharing of files and videos.

Using it while traveling: If you are a backpacker, then you must equip yourself with a netbook. It can be really very helpful in connecting with your friends and families when you are away from home for a long time. The internet facility available 24/7 will also assist you to figure out great apps and find maps & restaurants. Plus, whenever you feel bored, say while traveling on the bus, you can play games to kill the time. Watching a movie, playing a game, surfing the net and so many other things can be done all the time-whether you are in a cab or in a café.

Useful for your kids: If you have kids at home, then you get another excuse for bringing home an Android netbook. This device is a great help for students for doing their homework and for extracting information from the net. This is also a great way to make your kids tech-savvy without spoiling them with an overdose.

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