The netbook is a nifty mini laptop at half the cost!

14 Feb

Small personal computers or laptops have totally taken over the standard desktop computers and netbook computers are the smallest amongst them. It looks and works like a mini laptop and is a much more affordable option than the high-end laptops and gaming computers. If you are on the lookout for the best netbook here are some key features which you must watch out for.

The size and dimensions of the netbook computer is its most obvious characteristic. The netbook computer came into existence to cater to the demand of a PC which was diminutive in size and yet could function like a basic laptop. The screen size of the netbook computer hovers between 5, 7, 11 and 12 inches. Since the size is small it is lightweight and is easily portable. Although a large screen does provide better resolution, the ease of mobility decreases which is what makes the netbookwith its light weight and compact size stand out from its cousins.

Although a netbook computer has a decreased number of hardware parts as compared to the larger notebook or laptop, it does have multiple card slots, Ethernet port and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth may or may not be present but the webcam is a welcome perk on the netbook. Since storage is of prime importance, the number of SD slots and USB ports are key features to look out for while in the market for a netbook computer. The hard disk drives provides for more storage in the netbook while compared to the solid state drives but the HDD does decrease battery life and is more liable to get damaged. It is better to be equipped with external disc drives and SD cards.

The other main feature to consider is the processor which in a netbook is not very powerful. However, the best processor for a netbook is the Intel Atom processor with VIA Nano close on its heels. The rationale behind single core processors in this minicomputer is to provide basic computing functions with good battery life. Most netbooks run on Windows XP but the Windows Vista is also present as is the Windows 7 on some models.

When it comes to choosing between weight or battery life, the downside of the netbook computer is that its battery life is limited to 4-6 hours. While an extended battery can be used, it makes the netbook heavier; so, it is a choice between light weight or good battery life. When out to buy a netbook bear in mind that, it is meant for basic computing activities like browsing, word processing, spread sheet tasks and not for heavy duty tasks like programming or gaming.

The major advantage besides it lightweight is the affordability of the netbook. Good quality cheap netbooks are as easily available as the high-end ones and provide you with all the basic functions of a computer. Keeping an eye out for its various features should enable you to purchase a good netbook at half the price of a normal laptop.

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