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How to buy netbook computers if you are a layman?

The technology is a great boon, no doubt. But at the same time, it can get utterly confusing at times. For a naïve buyer or a layman not familiar with the various nuances of technicalities, it is definitely a Herculean task to buy a gadget. Netbook computers are very popular today since they are immensely useful and incredibly cheap. But they come with their own technical differences.

Here are some ways to sort out the problem and make the right choice:

  1. How to choose the hard disk: Hard disk is actually the space inside the computer which you will use to store your folders, music files, word files, etc. It is pretty similar to the memory card which you have in your cell phone. Hard disk space is measured in GB. Depending on your requirement, you can select the right size. In terms of storage, a higher GB is always preferable. But if your needs are limited and you’re not going to store that much, then you can reduce your cost by opting for a low disk space.
  2. How to choose the RAM: RAM determines the speed of storage and operation. In cheap netbooks, you do not require very high RAM. One with a 1 GB RAM would be more than good.
  3. How to choose the model in terms of dimension: Netbook computers can vary a bit in terms of size and display. You must consider your requirement beforehand. If you want the gadget to be very light and portable, then opt for the smallest model. Cheap netbooks of around 10 inches are considered good choices for all practical needs.

How netbook computers differ from laptops: 5 major differences

A netbook and laptop are both different forms of the computer. However, there are some differences and you would do better to learn of them before buying one.

10-inHere are the major differences between laptops and netbook computers:

  1. Size: One basic difference between the two is size. A laptop is larger and is more like a mobile or portable desktop. On the other hand, netbooks are smaller in size and so they are lighter and much more portable. One can say that they are fit for students and children.
  2. Price: All who can buy laptops can also afford netbooks, but not all netbook buyers can afford a laptop! In simple terms, a laptop is very expensive in comparison. Netbooks are way cheaper and are definitely favored by the middle-class families and young college students.
  3.  Size of the screen: Netbooks have smaller screen size. So, for watching a video, a laptop would be preferred.
  4. Difference in battery life: Since, netbooks have smaller screen, they have extended battery life. Laptops can run out of their batteries pretty soon.
  5. DVD Drive: This is the only major con of netbook computers. Since their size is very small, they do not have the space to incorporate a DVD Drive. In this issue, a laptop scores. But on the flipside, laptop gains weight and becomes less portable. Absence of DVD Drive keeps netbooks lighter and more convenient to carry!

In brief, a laptop is preferred if you wish to watch videos and perform office works. A netbook is preferred if you’re looking for a kid’s computer.


Android tablet: 3 reasons why to buy an Android netbook

Computers and netbooks can have different operating systems. One of the most popular ones of today is the Android version. An android tablet is very high in demand because of its many benefits.

Here are the major reasons why you should buy an Android netbook:

  1. Applications: The world of Android is full of apps. There are all kinds of apps which can provide different kinds of benefits. Right from the creative apps to educational ones to entertainment apps, they come in a huge gamut. They can all contribute positively to your child’s present and future. These apps can be downloaded and used easily. There are already tons of apps available in the market and hundreds of fresh ones are being churned out on a monthly basis.
  2. Convenient: An Android tablet brings convenience to the table. It is very simple to use them and they offer multiple functions and benefits. They can be run smoothly and upgraded without any hassle. As a user, you will definitely have a very rich experience and enjoy using the device.
  3. Cost-effective: An Android netbook is very cost-effective. A conventional computer, like a large-sized laptop, can really break your back in terms of finance. They can be pretty expensive and you may lose a huge chunk of your savings. In contrast, a netbook is small and very cheap. Despite having the coveted Android OS, you will discover their economic feasibility and how they help you save money.

Camera netbook- a hit with bloggers, students and business travellers

A netbook is like a mini computer and has been specifically designed for easy portability, mobility and continuous online access. It is extremely lightweight and can be easily slipped inside a handbag or backpack and this is one reason it is so popular with both students and the business traveller. The camera netbook is nothing but a netbook equipped with a camera which may be in-built or on the screen. The screen size ranges between 6-10 inches and the screen is LCD which provides clear pictures.

Although iPads seem to have taken the world by storm, camera netbook has still managed to hold its own and there are many things which it claims to be able to do which an iPad cannot do. But, as gifts for younger people the learning tablet, the Kids Laptop or the Android Netbook are all equally popular. The in-built camera in the netbook lets you take pictures and record videos. You can even make a proper video recording and save it to this camera netbook. Basic webcam chat is possible even on low end models.

Given its minimal functions and compact frame, the camera netbook is surprisingly extremely in demand especially with avid bloggers, students and business travellers who want continuous online access no matter what.

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iPad for kids is not merely for learning but also for fun!

Ever since the childrens tablet or the childrensiPadhas made an appearance, parents have only tried to concentrate only on how it can be used to enhance their child’s learning. While the iPad for kids is certainly very handy as a learning tablet, it also has plenty of games and entertainment to amuse the children.

Children too need to relax and have fun after they come back from school. It is important for them to refresh themselves so that they can do their studies properly later on. The ipad for kids has plenty of apps which amuse as well as teach. Games like Chuzzle, Spiderly, Monkey Playgroup Lunchbox, Pac man etc are exclusively for children and they thoroughly enjoy playing these games. Games like Spiderly, in fact, require intense concentration and it is very useful for improving the mental ability of the child. Children should be encouraged to play games like this.

The iPad for kids provides a unique environment for both fun and learning and it is worth buying one for your kid.

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The apps on the learning tablet for kids is ideal for stimulating young minds

Education need not be boring forchildren especially if it is propped up with various tools like educational games for kids,learninggames for kids or educational toys. Many parents have realized the usefulness of various apps available on the iPad for kids and are making active use of them to make learning more interesting for their children. The learning tablet meant for childrenhas a number of very good apps like the Fish School, Math Board, Math Bingo, Word Magic, Bookworm, 123 World Geography and Build a Zoo which develops the child’s mind in a fun and amusing way. These apps have been designed by experts to enhance the learning experience of kids.

The apps on the learning tabletfor kids help in strengthening the basic concepts in studies besides improving their mental concentration. They are very useful to guide the children when they are away from the classroom and assist in grammar, vocabulary, mathematical concepts and general knowledge. Not every child likes to sit down with books and the learning tablet for kids provides the perfect environment to stimulate young minds.

The apps on the learning tablet for kids have certainly made learning easier and more amusing for children as well as the parents.

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Tablet for kids need not cost the earth!

Tablet for kids can educate your child in an entertaining way and yes, this is a surprise to most parents! But, the fact remains that not all gizmos are bad for children and some of them if used judiciously can actually enhance your child’s development. The children’s tablet or the kidsiPad is a case in point. Manufacturers have come up with specially designed tablet for kids to enable easy learning and entertainment.

The purchase factor depends upon various things like the price and applications but, get your child on your side and see the magic happen! This is because children, even the younger ones are very techno savvy and they have a fair idea as to the most ‘happening’ tablet for kids in town! And even if their choice turns out to be on the expensive side, there are many cheaper ones to be had. All cheap tablets are not of poor quality and online stores offer many great discounts on good quality, branded tablets. It is also possible to pick up refurbished tablets from the manufacturer’s online stores where they can be had at a very reasonable cost. Tablet for kids need not cost the earth if enough homework is done and eyes are kept open for bargains.

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