How netbook computers differ from laptops: 5 major differences

26 Mar

A netbook and laptop are both different forms of the computer. However, there are some differences and you would do better to learn of them before buying one.

10-inHere are the major differences between laptops and netbook computers:

  1. Size: One basic difference between the two is size. A laptop is larger and is more like a mobile or portable desktop. On the other hand, netbooks are smaller in size and so they are lighter and much more portable. One can say that they are fit for students and children.
  2. Price: All who can buy laptops can also afford netbooks, but not all netbook buyers can afford a laptop! In simple terms, a laptop is very expensive in comparison. Netbooks are way cheaper and are definitely favored by the middle-class families and young college students.
  3.  Size of the screen: Netbooks have smaller screen size. So, for watching a video, a laptop would be preferred.
  4. Difference in battery life: Since, netbooks have smaller screen, they have extended battery life. Laptops can run out of their batteries pretty soon.
  5. DVD Drive: This is the only major con of netbook computers. Since their size is very small, they do not have the space to incorporate a DVD Drive. In this issue, a laptop scores. But on the flipside, laptop gains weight and becomes less portable. Absence of DVD Drive keeps netbooks lighter and more convenient to carry!

In brief, a laptop is preferred if you wish to watch videos and perform office works. A netbook is preferred if you’re looking for a kid’s computer.


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