How to buy netbook computers if you are a layman?

26 Mar

The technology is a great boon, no doubt. But at the same time, it can get utterly confusing at times. For a naïve buyer or a layman not familiar with the various nuances of technicalities, it is definitely a Herculean task to buy a gadget. Netbook computers are very popular today since they are immensely useful and incredibly cheap. But they come with their own technical differences.

Here are some ways to sort out the problem and make the right choice:

  1. How to choose the hard disk: Hard disk is actually the space inside the computer which you will use to store your folders, music files, word files, etc. It is pretty similar to the memory card which you have in your cell phone. Hard disk space is measured in GB. Depending on your requirement, you can select the right size. In terms of storage, a higher GB is always preferable. But if your needs are limited and you’re not going to store that much, then you can reduce your cost by opting for a low disk space.
  2. How to choose the RAM: RAM determines the speed of storage and operation. In cheap netbooks, you do not require very high RAM. One with a 1 GB RAM would be more than good.
  3. How to choose the model in terms of dimension: Netbook computers can vary a bit in terms of size and display. You must consider your requirement beforehand. If you want the gadget to be very light and portable, then opt for the smallest model. Cheap netbooks of around 10 inches are considered good choices for all practical needs.

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