Why an Android netbook is a better buy than an iPad?

02 Apr

The market today has so many gadgets that a potential buyer may just get flummoxed. Choosing from laptop, desktop, iPad, notebook and netbook can be a very tough task. If you are in a similar fix, then this discussion might come to some aid.

PINK1-170x170If you are trying to compare an Android netbook with an iPad, then the former would come out the winner at the end. Netbook Android uses an OS which is very sophisticated and has crossed unprecedented levels of popularity. With the help of Android, all types of apps can now be downloaded in an instant. And with thousands of apps to choose from, one can always find something new on the offering. An iPad, in this case, has its limitations.

Secondly, a netbook is very small and is still being compared with laptops. Even though it may not have all the features that a laptop is endowed with, it houses all major features and doesn’t disappoint on any count. Its big USP is the small size of the screen. This not just reduces its weight but also makes the gadget power-saving.

Android netbook is also very cheap. It has a definite cost advantage over an iPad. With laptops coming at heavy prices, someone who is looking for a cheaper computer can put his money on a netbook Android. In addition, a netbook offers great speed, good storage capacity and is easy on the eye and the finger (with friendly screen layout, keyboard and touch pad).


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