Why is a mini netbook preferred over laptops for school kids?

02 Apr

Education and technology now go hand in hand. Over the last few years, the conventional system of textbook learning has made some space for tech-based learning or e-education. Using a slew of digital devices, teachers and students can interact with each other in a much more feasible manner so that greater productivity can be reaped. Since, both the teacher and the pupil take help of the net for classroom education, it has become almost mandatory for a student to carry a computer to the school.

4.0black1-170x170A mini netbook is a form of kids computer which is smaller and lighter in form. It has become very popular amongst school-going students and even amongst the college-goers. The reason is simple and easy to see. In comparison to laptops, they are much easier to carry. A laptop, even though available in small sizes, is slightly on the heavier side. It wasn’t designed primarily to cater to the need of school students, but came more as a mobile substitute for desktops. Therefore, they do suffer from some weight problems and their dimensions too can be a bit too big for comfort.

On the other hand, a mini netbook is typically small. It is not as small as a mini iPad, but is still pretty miniscule in dimension. It is slim and hence very low in weight. The main reason behind the development of kids computer was to help them in education. So, they enjoy greater preference owing to a lot of factors including low weight, high portability and some student-friendly apps.


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