Are there any demerits of handling a tablet to your kid?

11 Jul

Technology, like beauty, is a matter of perception. It is certainly not infallible and does have its own set of cons. It is up to you to call it a boon or a bane. But one will have to confess that technology is ruling the era and is going to do so in the upcoming years and decades. A tablet is a gadget and even though it has its demerits, they are definitely limited. They have got a lot more merits and they certainly outshine the limited number of demerits.

When you are talking of children, then it is best to give them a tablet for kids. Such a tablet is the safest of its kind and hence removes quite a few demerits on its own accord. These gadgets are devised for usage by children and contain features which will help them to sharpen their skills. They do not contain any feature which may be considered pernicious or too advanced for them.

The only thing that parents need to keep in mind is not to allow their children to become victims of obsession. It is very easy for a person to get hooked to a new gadget. It is a common problem even with adults. So, it won’t be right to blame kids for such an addiction. They are curious by nature and such technical tools give vent to their imagination. Addiction can also lead to obesity and even wastage of time. These are the main and the only demerits which one can talk about. So, when you buy a tablet for kids, just ensure that you take care of the timings.

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