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The magic of WOLVOL Netbook Android is the buzz of the town

When we think of laptops, those portable computers with their black tops cast an image in our mind. Though, one uses the word ‘portable’, these laptops are not exactly as portable as one may think of. It is true that they can run independently, without direct dependence on a fixed electric socket, but carrying them around requires goliath’s strength. WOLVOL Netbook Android emerges as a friendly computer which, at 7”, is small enough to be lighter and more portable.

This netbook computer runs on Android 2.2 system, thereby allowing you a getaway into a delightful world of hundreds of games and thousands of apps. Besides, the computer need not be the drab black. It can be pink, a candy color which will make a great impression in the heart of a girl. Some whacky colors like lime green or orange are also on the cards. In fact, it will be hard to choose between them.

WOLVOL Netbook Android has some cool and exciting features. It comes with Wi-Fi feature. So, internet can be accessed on the netbook at any place, as long as a modem is present nearby. The netbook enjoys sufficient hard drive with 4 GB. It may not be the best in the line of computers. But it is sufficient enough for use by young boys and girls. It has 256 MB RAM capacity. Again, large laptops may have more RAM. But they are mostly required for professional reasons. When someone is using a computer in a non-professional capacity, then 4 GB HD and 256 RAM are perfect, since they help the manufacturers to reduce the size and price of the gadget. No wonder, the netbook is available at only $99.94.

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How WOLVOL Netbook Computers can help tired employees?

Most employees and officials get extremely wearied after working hard the whole day. So, by the time they return home, they use their energy sparingly and prefer to slump down quietly over the couch. Sitting before a desktop or a laptop seems like an ordeal, which they usually try to avoid. This often results in delay in reading emails or loss of touch with socially active friends. But keeping in touch with friends is vital for your social needs or else you shall be left with just a job and a heavy bank balance but with nobody to share your wealth with. WOLVOL Netbook Computers offer idealistic solution to the problem.

They are small computers which do not require you to sit back straight and pour over a desktop. They are light in weight and miniscule in size. So, they can be easily taken over the bed or over the couch. You can also place it over your lap and browse the net without feeling encumbered. People who are tired gain a lot from such a gadget since they do not have to spare too much energy to use it. This can lead to better social interaction with friends over Facebook, twitter and emails. Besides, the arrangement is also helpful on professional front as you get to read emails without any substantial delay.

WOLVOL Netbook Computers are cost-friendly and long-term assets. When you are not at home, you can hand it to your spouse or the children who will surely make a happy routine out of it.

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6 things you can buy very cheap from online sites

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Online stores are giving the offline ones a good run for their money. While, websites are now mushrooming pretty fast and almost every kind of product or service can be bought across the desktop, there are some things which you must definitely buy from online sites. You can get them really cheap if you get them online. Plus, you can enjoy excellent variety and end up on the right side of bargain.



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WolVol Cheap 10 inch Laptop (White) Android 4.1 (8 GB HD / 1 GB RAM) Video Review

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Jared of Savvy Saving Couple’s Video Review of the WolVol 10 inch White Laptop. This version is the top of all other Android netbooks with the fact that it is built with the latest Android 4.1 operating system + it is installed with double ram and double storage as the usual (it is 1 GB of ram and 8 GB of storage.

You can purchase this item at or at

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How to ensure that your kid does not access inappropriate websites on the tablet?

Parents often lose a lot of hair worrying over the fact that their kid will get access, whether intentional or accidental, to sites which are just not right for his age. It is a universal foreboding and a matter of uttermost concern for the entire parental community. Not giving a tablet or laptop to your kid for such a lurking fear can have disastrous consequences. You surely do not want your child to lag behind in education and learning? So, you will have to introduce technology to him. But there are ways to make sure that he is safe from harm’s way.

First and foremost, you must buy tablet for kids online at Now, there are the normal tablets which you may already be accustomed to. They can be used by people of all ages and are mostly popular amongst the youths. But for young children, there are special tablets which come with certain features and strict parental controls and web filters. So, you must buy such a kids tablet so that you can get a gadget which is custom-made for a child of his age.

Secondly, you must not hand out the tablet instantly to your child right after buying it. Parents must learn the various features and controls of the gadget and take every possible measure to turn on web safety feature.

Thirdly, you must also keep regular track of your child’s activities and yank the gadget out of his hand once he is done with his work. Now, even with a low budget you can tablet for kids online and let your child learn in a safe digital environment.


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How netbooks can help you stay connected all the time?

If you are a social butterfly and do not like to stay far away from your gang or group, then it is time that you get home a netbook. You can buy cheap netbooks online. So, money should not be a major issue. It is a very sophisticated device which is like a smaller laptop or a larger cell phone. Call it whatever you like, but the fact is that it does make social life easy for you.

Netbooks have Wi-Fi feature, thereby facilitating internet access at all places. Since a netbook is a light gadget, you can slip it inside your bag or inside your pouch and carry it to any place you are traveling to. Now, whenever you feel the need to connect to your online friends or to update your twitter status, all you have to do is to find a source of internet nearby and connect the gadget through Wi-Fi.

Netbooks are not exactly cell phones and do not allow you to make a phone call. But it allows chatting, pinging and emailing. It is recommended that you opt for a camera netbook since that will help you to enjoy video calling as well.

The more important thing is the portability bit. You can take your netbook to places where you cannot carry a laptop or a computer. Its light and skinny build is friendly for users of all age-groups.

So, the next time you feel the need to stay connected round the clock, just fish out your netbook. In case you do not have one, then do not procrastinate further. Run through the web and buy cheap netbooks online at

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How can your child benefit from a kids laptop?

As long as you are not letting your child become a compulsive addict, it is okay to introduce him to a laptop. In fact, it is very much recommended that you introduce computers at an early age so that his brain can adapt to technological milieu in a faster way. The world is now dominated by technology. It is not a happy thought to imagine your son growing up without even the basic knowledge of operating a computer. You can always look for cheap kids laptops for sale at Thus, even if you have a monetary crisis, you can find a nice little laptop for your kid without overspending.

A laptop can offer multiple benefits to a child. In fact, some cite that it can benefit a young mind much more than it can benefit an adult mind. An adult already has a notion of the world and he is not influenced easily. As you must have noticed, a child picks up his mother tongue in just a couple of years and even without any formal education or without having the ability to speak in the first few months of his birth.

Children, by nature, are always on the lookout to pick up things. So, if you make him sit before a laptop, his brain will work furiously and his memory shall get a great boost. Playing games for 30 minutes too will lend him the ability to analyze things better. Plus, running a computer always comes with the added advantage of faster hand-eye coordination.

Kids laptops are safer, lighter and smaller. You can get the colorful ones if you opt for cheap kids laptops for sale from online sites.

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