The magic of WOLVOL Netbook Android is the buzz of the town

28 Sep

When we think of laptops, those portable computers with their black tops cast an image in our mind. Though, one uses the word ‘portable’, these laptops are not exactly as portable as one may think of. It is true that they can run independently, without direct dependence on a fixed electric socket, but carrying them around requires goliath’s strength. WOLVOL Netbook Android emerges as a friendly computer which, at 7”, is small enough to be lighter and more portable.

This netbook computer runs on Android 2.2 system, thereby allowing you a getaway into a delightful world of hundreds of games and thousands of apps. Besides, the computer need not be the drab black. It can be pink, a candy color which will make a great impression in the heart of a girl. Some whacky colors like lime green or orange are also on the cards. In fact, it will be hard to choose between them.

WOLVOL Netbook Android has some cool and exciting features. It comes with Wi-Fi feature. So, internet can be accessed on the netbook at any place, as long as a modem is present nearby. The netbook enjoys sufficient hard drive with 4 GB. It may not be the best in the line of computers. But it is sufficient enough for use by young boys and girls. It has 256 MB RAM capacity. Again, large laptops may have more RAM. But they are mostly required for professional reasons. When someone is using a computer in a non-professional capacity, then 4 GB HD and 256 RAM are perfect, since they help the manufacturers to reduce the size and price of the gadget. No wonder, the netbook is available at only $99.94.

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