Are Netbooks Less Likely to Get Viruses Than Notebooks?

16 Jan

WolVol WHITE 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inchIf you look around, you will find that there has been a steady decline in the number of people using laptops. Not that they have stopped using laptops at all or stop buying them. For hardcore professional work, there is still no substitute for a laptop. But for casual work and for general surfing or socializing, a netbook is being given the precedence. It is light in weight and small in size. That bit sums up why it is so much popular. But at the same time, you can be sure that netbooks will trouble you less when it comes to fixing worms and viruses. Wolvol netbook Android runs on the safer Android operating system. If there is one good thing about Android OS, it is that it provides a number of protective and Anti-malware apps which can be downloaded for free.

So, the chances of getting affected by virus are lower when you are surfing the internet through a netbook. As for the notebook, it is more or less the same. A notebook too is smaller than a laptop and is lighter and more portable. Different notebooks may come with different kinds of protection. One cannot state with any precise confirmation whether a notebook enjoys as much protection from virus as a netbook or not, but as long as it is run under an Android OS, it should be pretty safe.

Those who are risk-averse and fear those terrible things called ‘viruses’ should better buy Wolvol netbook Android. They will let you do your work without any major threat from unfriendly organisms.\WolVol BLUE 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

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