About Wolvol Products

Questions Asked

   Who is WOLVOL and where can i find more information about them ?

WOLVOL INC. based in Brooklyn New York USA specializes in selling Mini Netbook Laptops designed for small computer work, such as checking emails, browsing the web, playing games and light office work. WOLVOL has a reputation of showing loyalty to their customers, selling high quality products, shipping and servicing with the speediest method available. Find what people say about WOLVOL at the following Amazon link:

   Which models of Mini Laptops does WOLVOL sell ?

WOLVOL sells 3 models of 7inch laptops. 1 – Regular mini laptops built with the new Android 2.2 operating system. 2 – An additional feature of Touch Screen which allows to operate on the device by TOUCHING the screen, it is pretty cool at one minute to type regularly on the keyboard and the other minute when your fingers itches already, to simply give a touch on the screen and get things moving smoothly. 3 – An additional feature to number 1 which contains a Built-in CAMERA and allows you to take pictures and video recording as a regular camera, then save the images and recordings onto your mini device.

In addition WOLVOL sells the all new 10 inch notebook which runs with the latest Android 4.0 operating system. The new 10 inch notebook comes installed with the Google Play onto it. The 10 inch is more similarly to a bigger laptop while the small 7 inch ones are more designed as a small cute convenient on the go laptop. The 10 inch model is built with an installed CAMERA.

   Does the model with built-in CAMERA include as well the TOUCH screen feature vise versa ?

NO. The model with built-in camera does not have Touch Screen feature and the model with Touch Screen feature does not have a built-in camera. People are same excited for both of the 2 models, so that’s totally up to you!

   Does the Built-in Camera model have the availability to video chat and use for Skype purposes ?

NO. It is just a still camera for picture snapping purposes and video recordings only!

   Which color should i chose ?

Each model of the 7inch ones contains a 5 color variety, Black-Pink-White-Red-Green. Some people will always prefer BLACK as a professional business color; On the other hand a person might want DARK RED or LIME GREEN color as to be more showy and visible with an exciting color to brighten them up / showing their friends something different than the typical black color; A real girl would take PINK as her favorable color; Last but not least is the WHITE which is pretty professional looking, not as the young RED’y but though twisting enough to the change of scenery color and not focusing to the typical black.

Colors may also vary depending for whom the order is purchased. Buying the exciting device as a gift for your teen, may say: take a red/green color. Buying for yourself as a serious MAN, says: take me “black”, etc.

   How long should it take to arrive to me ?

All orders purchased till 11:00pm are shipped within the same morning business day (exclude Saturday and Sunday). We ship all packages with the fastest delivery speed of USPS. Should deliver to you within about 3 business days.

   What is your return policy ? How about if i am not happy with the product ?

We accept returns within 30 days of item arrival to you. You may return it for a FULL refund – Just please make sure the item is in NEW condition when returning it, with no scratches or damage to it. Returned items are refunded within 24 business hours.

   How do i pay and how much is the shipping ?

Shipping is $5.99 per item! If you have more items in your cart we offer a flat rate shipping cost of $24.99! When checking out by selecting your product, it will give you an option to pay via PayPal or through Google Checkout.

   Do you ship internationally ?

We ship internatioanlly. For international packages the shipping fee is $24.99 flat rate. We ship with United States Postal Service which is said to deliver within 7-15 business days to international countries. Please expect custom delays which can sometimes hold the shipment for another week or 2.

   Will i get a discount rate when ordering BULK ?

YES! If you consider ordering 10 or more devices, kindly contact us at the Contact Us form or email us directly to and we will quote you.

For any other question or if you have a problem with your purchase – as well if you consider buying BULK for resell purposes, kindly contact us at


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