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How much does it cost to buy cheap tablets for kids?

If you thought that a tablet is something meant only for adults, then you thought wrong. Technology is being introduced to children at a very young age in most homes and schools. Of course, it would be a tad unwise to let your rampaging little kid have a direct go at your expensive tablet. But there are some cheap tablets for kids which you can bring home for prices as little as $15.

These tablets are perfect for the learning of toddlers and children in the age group of 3-7. However, these tablets are long-term assets and can be used even by kids over 7 years of age. It has become very important for parents to introduce a learning tablet to their children. Such tablets are quite different from your conventional computer. Even though they are stuffed with several apps and programs, most of these are basically about fun games, colors, words, etc. In short, these tablets will offer you anything which can help your child to get smarter and intelligent.

The designing of these tablets are done in a very intelligent manner. The kids can tap at buttons to listen to the sound of piano. There are various play modes in a learning tablet. Any good tablet must have the following four play modes:

–          Letter mode

–          Word mode

–          Spell mode

–          Asking mode

As you can see, the aim of the manufacturer has been to make the child learn even when he is playing or appears to be enjoying himself. With music, quiz and word games, a small cost of $15 should not be a cause for worry for a happy parent.

Alternatively, if your child is already into high school, you can look for other more advanced cheap tablets for kids.



Gaming consoles: The best cheap toys for kids

Technology has come as a blessing in many ways. Even those who cannot afford those expensive gadgets can now bring some cheaper ones for professional and leisure use. The kids of today are also making use of electronic games and toys to get the maximum pleasure during their free hours. A gaming console is a gadget which does not require you to spend much money. If you were looking for cheap toys for kids, then a low-cost console should easily fit into your scheme of things.

A console can come with different price tags. Some consoles are more advanced and have better features. They are likely to be more expensive. On the other hand, there are many consoles which are less advanced and have got only the basic features. If your child is really small, then it would make sense to invest in a cheaper and less sophisticated console.

Consoles can vary in size as well. It has been observed that in recent months there has been a shift in mass preference towards consoles which can be easily fitted into the palms. These small and light-weight gadgets can be carried by children from one room to another (and even to the neighborhood) without any difficulty. They are mobile, safe, user-friendly and financially feasible cheap toys for kids.

While buying a console, you must ensure that you are opting for a reputed company. Since it is a one-time investment, you must not shy away from spending a bit extra in order to get the best product. A top-class website which stocks all kinds of gadgets and tech items would surely be able to sell you exactly what you were looking for.



How to look for cheap laptops if you have less money?

If you are yearnings for a personal laptop but do not have enough cash to roll out, then do not get despondent. You are not the only person in the world facing the same dilemma. Sometimes, desires and abilities do not go in tango. You may have strong desires but your financial ability may prevent you from fulfilling them. It is understood that you may not have the financial power to invest in large laptops. But if you are looking for cheap laptops, then you can also get them easily.

The best thing to do under such a scenario would be to compromise on some features. For instance, the price of a 4 GB RAM would be much more than the price of a 2 GB RAM o a 1 GB RAM. There is not much of a difference between them. And using a 1 GB RAM computer won’t be quite bad. So, if you are looking to get things cheap, then you can choose a lower RAM. Similarly, the hard disk space you are vying for can be compromised.

Most laptops of full size and potential have exceedingly huge space size. Unless you are a tycoon of some multinational company, you are unlikely to need that much space in your entire life. So, why spend so much money when you can save enough by opting for a less spacious hard disk! 

Cheap laptops can also availed by opting for smaller size and smaller screen. It would not just bring down your cost but will also increase your portability. So, even if you are not very strong with your bank balance, these small little things can make a huge difference in prices and fetch you your coveted gadget.


Educate your kids with a learning tablet instead of text books

A learning tablet is like a book which is not textual in nature but is technical. The current world is being ruled by technology. So, it makes sense to use this genre for educative purpose as well instead of blatantly using it only for socializing and recreation. Hence, there are tablets being designed these days which offer various learning facilities and tools. They are excellent for kids and school students.

In fact, a learning tablet has proven itself to be a more reliable and useful tool than a text book. A young child likes to keep books at bay. Unless you hand him a volume of Harry Potter, he is going to make sure that all his books are stacked away at safe distance. The academic books are boring and dull even to adults. So, we cannot really blame the kids for having abhorrence for them. But education is very important and more so in today’s competitive era. If your child lags behind then it would be hard for him to make up towards the latter stage of his adolescence. So, it is important that you take help of technology. 

Children are not likely to get hooked with text books. They are just not programmed to act like that. By instinct, they will like to keep their minds light and free, instead of burdening it with those heavy words printed on the books. This again makes them much more attracted towards gadgets and gizmos. So, parents, these days, are luring their kids with a learning tablet

It does have games, tools and apps which seem to entertain. But it educates as well and in a much more effective and natural manner.


Childrens tablet: A quick glance into their uses and benefits

A childrens tablet is quite useful and beneficial. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Technology needs to be introduced in a kid’s life very early these days. And while it would be inadvisable to give your toddler the rein of your personal laptop at such a naïve age, one can always look for gadgets which are kid-friendly. One such gadget is a childrens tablet which makes sure of safety and security.

So, if you apprehended that computers and tablets can kill the innocence of your child or give him undue exposure to malicious sites, then you can finally breathe in peace. With such kids-friendly tablets, there are certain restrictions and filters which keep malicious sites at bay. And speaking of their uses, these childrens tablets are almost as good as a computer. They are like your normal tablet. The only difference is that they are more customized for a child’s need than for an adult’s need.

So, in a childrens tablet you are likely to find more games and apps which have been designed to suit the age of young kids. Those apps or tools which are meant only for professionals may not be available. They will get replaced by newer and more innovative tools which kids can find useful for their studies and recreation. 

These tablets are full of games, tools, software and apps. They help the kids in their homework, and they also provide full facilities for leisurely recreation. They are small, durable, portable and light. And they are extremely low in prices and worthwhile.


Why is a mini netbook preferred over laptops for school kids?

Education and technology now go hand in hand. Over the last few years, the conventional system of textbook learning has made some space for tech-based learning or e-education. Using a slew of digital devices, teachers and students can interact with each other in a much more feasible manner so that greater productivity can be reaped. Since, both the teacher and the pupil take help of the net for classroom education, it has become almost mandatory for a student to carry a computer to the school.

4.0black1-170x170A mini netbook is a form of kids computer which is smaller and lighter in form. It has become very popular amongst school-going students and even amongst the college-goers. The reason is simple and easy to see. In comparison to laptops, they are much easier to carry. A laptop, even though available in small sizes, is slightly on the heavier side. It wasn’t designed primarily to cater to the need of school students, but came more as a mobile substitute for desktops. Therefore, they do suffer from some weight problems and their dimensions too can be a bit too big for comfort.

On the other hand, a mini netbook is typically small. It is not as small as a mini iPad, but is still pretty miniscule in dimension. It is slim and hence very low in weight. The main reason behind the development of kids computer was to help them in education. So, they enjoy greater preference owing to a lot of factors including low weight, high portability and some student-friendly apps.


Why an Android netbook is a better buy than an iPad?

The market today has so many gadgets that a potential buyer may just get flummoxed. Choosing from laptop, desktop, iPad, notebook and netbook can be a very tough task. If you are in a similar fix, then this discussion might come to some aid.

PINK1-170x170If you are trying to compare an Android netbook with an iPad, then the former would come out the winner at the end. Netbook Android uses an OS which is very sophisticated and has crossed unprecedented levels of popularity. With the help of Android, all types of apps can now be downloaded in an instant. And with thousands of apps to choose from, one can always find something new on the offering. An iPad, in this case, has its limitations.

Secondly, a netbook is very small and is still being compared with laptops. Even though it may not have all the features that a laptop is endowed with, it houses all major features and doesn’t disappoint on any count. Its big USP is the small size of the screen. This not just reduces its weight but also makes the gadget power-saving.

Android netbook is also very cheap. It has a definite cost advantage over an iPad. With laptops coming at heavy prices, someone who is looking for a cheaper computer can put his money on a netbook Android. In addition, a netbook offers great speed, good storage capacity and is easy on the eye and the finger (with friendly screen layout, keyboard and touch pad).