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Top gift ideas for kids: Buy your child a notebook computer

Are you looking for a special gift for your child’s 10th birthday? Are you thinking of giving something practical to your child for Thanksgiving? Are you a concerned dad who wants to provide all facilities to his children for their better and secure future? If yes, then why not buy a computer to your child! A computer is not a machine meant for adults. It is being popularly used by children these days. And do not think even for a moment that these gadgets will spoil your kids because they get addicted to games or social networking sites! More than that, a computer can heighten the IQ of the child and help him in his academic life.

So, if you are looking for gift ideas, then buying a notebook for the child would be thoroughly recommended. Notebook computers have become very trendy with today’s kids. You can easily find an average kid flaunting this gadget with flair and smartness. As said above, these gadgets do not spoil the child (as some cynics may opine) but they help the child in their natural growth. More than anything, they will increase the sharpness and mental faculty of your child and make him much more competitive amongst his peers.

Besides, a child who is not tech-savvy can suffer from some drawbacks later on in the life. No matter what stream or career your kid chooses later in his life, he will always find the ubiquitous presence of technology. And with the rate at which the technology is growing, it can be safely gauged that someone who is not well-versed with computers would find a hard time securing a good job. So, a mini computer makes for one of those perfect gift ideas.

Buying a notebook is no big deal even if you have financial problems or are short of cash! They are very cheap and definitely cheaper than the average laptop you use at your home or office. Their cheapness can be attributed to the fact that they cater primarily to the younger sections. Hence, you may not find some of the more advanced tools which you find in more sophisticated computers. The hard drive space is not as voluminous as in an expensive computer but good enough to allow the kids to store all their project works and notes.

Notebook computers are also designed for the kids. That is to say they have flashier colors and trendy themes. They have all the features which help the students during their school and college years. They are portable since they are light in weight and very slim in shape. Most computers also have music systems, MP3 players, video tools and games. The screen size is also designed perfectly and is pretty friendly for the sensitive retina.

A mini computer, being so light and small, can be carried by a student or a backpacker to any destination. Features like Wi-Fi allow you to connect to internet even from a remote area and your child will always marvel at the joys and educational delights the gadget gives him.

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Mini notebook: Why to buy your child a notebook computer?

The world is indeed getting smaller and so are our gadgets. At a time, when a humongous desktop sized computer was considered a luxury for many, now miniature computers and notebooks have made it to several households. Technology must receive all the plaudits for enclosing our world into a small mini computer. While laptops have become mandatory for grown-ups and employees, a child is enjoying the company of inexpensive computers which are smaller in size and pretty cheap. Yet they come with every feature that the child may find useful.

A mini notebook is a small computer, usually a 7” computer, which gives parents an inexpensive solution for the child’s everyday needs. Technology has also transformed the way your kids are getting educated these days. Text books are increasingly becoming redundant and more and more teachers are going online to teach concepts & figures. Some schools even ask their students to mandatorily carry a notebook computer. Such computers are quite small in size (roughly the size of a big textbook) and can be easily carried. They are light as the manufacturers take painstaking efforts to ensure that the children can lift them easily. Making them too heavy would have defeated the whole purpose of designing such computers since they are meant for primary uses and the school-kids take up a large share of market for these products.

A mini notebook is really advantageous if you are talking about school students. A 10-year old kid for instance, cannot carry a normal-sized laptop. It is too heavy to carry and will be difficult to operate in a small classroom. Even the 18-year college goers won’t find the idea of carrying a laptop too tempting because their portability is limited. Carrying them for official purpose is another matter and can be managed somehow. But carrying them to educational institutes and then following the teacher’s instructions while using them is asking a bit too much out of these gadgets.

On the other hand, a notebook computer or a 7” computer has that portability and is feather-light. Besides, these computers are cheaper than the normal-sized ones. Manufacturers have to spend a lesser amount of cost on the hardware of these gadgets and hence they can be sold at lower costs. So, parents who cannot afford an expensive computer can easily buy their kids a mini notebook for his day-to-day use. These notebooks may not be suited for professional purpose but still have every basic feature to help the child study, surf and even play games.

Another feature of a notebook computer is that it is designed to cater to the pre-teen and teenage kids. So, emphasis is higher on small-sized screens and large-sized icons & words. Such an arrangement helps the students to read and write easily and no strain is put on their eyes or mind. Since a 7” computer chiefly caters to the youths and kids, manufacturers design them in a wider range of bright colors and even with attractive movie themes. Overall, these computers help the kids to learn and play at the same time and contribute positively in their mental growth.

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Kids computer: How a netbook Android can be a boon for your child?

If you are doing your office work without taking help from the computer, then you are living behind the times. If your child is not using the internet for his day-to-day studies, then he may suffer from certain disadvantages when pitted against rival students. In this age, you have to accept technology and incorporate it to your mundane routine to make life more convenient. Even the school-going kids are now living in a competitive environment. Before they leave their teens, they are harassed by thoughts about their careers and the competitive job sector. In the wake of all these, it becomes vital that the child’s initial education and upbringing takes place in the best possible manner.

Computers have become essential for everyone including the students. You do not have to spend oodles of money for bringing your child a kids computer. They come pretty cheaply and will all the required tools & software that will help him in his studies & projects. Mini laptops are smaller than your average laptops and can be taken to schools and colleges. Even though cynics prefer the conventional textbooks, there is no harm in taking help of technology if it’s for the betterment of the child’s knowledge.

For example, when a chemistry teacher is explaining the process of preparation of Hydrogen gas, she will be able to drive her point better if she can take the help of internet. Netbook Android computer helps a great deal in educating the young mind. Teachers can show the entire process of formation & evaluation of Hydrogen gas with the help of a video which can so easily be found online. This will indeed make explaining easier. Besides, students tend to pay more attention & interest to studies if netbook Android and mini laptops are being deployed. A child’s mind is a fickle thing. It will run away from pictures illustrated on a textbook but will get drawn towards onscreen videos which will appear fascinating to him.

While designing kids computer, the companies take into account a few things. Firstly, they ensure that these computers are very small and light. Thus any difficulty which a child may find in carrying these gadgets is eliminated. Secondly, the companies pay special attention to the size of the images and words. Mini laptops may have smaller screens but the size of words will be larger to help the student community. Thirdly, the general notion is to come up with alluring designs and themes. So, while buying a kids computer, you will always find plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

Fourthly, these computers need not have advanced features or tools which are required only by professionals. But all the basic software including MS- word and MS-excel are mandatorily included in all notebooks, tablets and computers. A netbook Android is a more sophisticated version and enjoys stunning features like capacitive touchscreen, faster speed and good memory. They also have in-built games which are meant to educate the child besides entertaining him.

These computers, despite all their features and benefits, are priced as low as $99 or even lower.

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Android netbook: Pros and cons of an Android tablet

You have a desktop but you cannot carry it around! You have a laptop but it is pretty heavy and is inconvenient to carry while traveling! If that is your dilemma, then a netbook must appeal to you as it has appealed to thousands of customers all over the world. Netbook computer has become a rage all over the globe because of its cheap prices and small size. In fact, lower-income groups who wouldn’t even think of getting a laptop are now being tempted to buy a netbook because of its low cost.

An Android netbook is the best thing you can buy for yourself and the best gift you can give to your kid. These are really cheap netbooks and people don’t mind buying them in bulk for different members of the family (just like cell phones). There was a time when even a single desktop computer was considered a luxury for any family. But an Android tablet has certainly opened up the possibility of buying one for each member. Two factors which work in favor of these computers are

  1. Low price
  2. Portability

These gadgets come at a price which will bring saliva to your lips. If you pit them against a conventional laptop, then you will find a huge difference in their prices. The chief reason behind the difference is that while a laptop is filled with all types of features (many of which we never use in our lifetime), an Android netbook has got limited features and the ones which matter to the commoners. So, if you are looking for a computer which will be super-efficient and has highest performance capacities, then refrain from buying these gadgets and more prudently invest in those traditional expensive computers. On the other hand, if you are looking for something which will be easy on the pocket, can be carried all the time, and help you in all your basic requirements, then the Android tablet is your must-buy thing.

These cheap netbooks do away with some features that you may find essential. For instance, they may not have the amount of hard drive space which you are used to with your traditional computer. Most of them don’t even have CD/DVD drive and so you cannot play a disk. Such an arrangement is made to cut down the cost of production and to curtail the weight of the gadget. But you can always buy them later on and get them installed if you need them.

The speed of these cheap netbooks is reasonable and not as fast as your high-performing traditional computer. But when it comes to display, size, space and design, then they certainly enjoy an edge over their traditional counterparts. Their screen size is limited between 7-11 inches thereby keeping the gadgets light and inexpensive. Their cheapness is what makes it possible for a certain section to use a computer, even if it is not of the most advanced type. Despite some demerits like less speed and less features, an Android netbook brings you the kind of portability you could never have even dreamt of.

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Android computer: 4 special features of a kids laptop

Computers have invaded our lives and have become omnipresent. While it is common knowledge that businessmen and corporate houses are highly reliant on computers, even the modern day kids are exploiting technology to good effect. Do not be surprised if your kid comes home one day and asks you to fetch him a computer! Computers can help them in their education and even give some recreational relief. Besides, even the teachers these days are rooting for technological intervention during classes. It has been proven that kids catch up things much more easily if technological aid is taken.

So, the above discussion makes it clear that a computer is indispensably required by the 21st century kids. However, you need not squirm or worry about the financial affairs. Cheap laptops are available for the use of kids. Being cheap, a kids laptop is financially viable and every parent can afford it. These laptops are designed basically for children and so due effort is taken in ensuring that only those facilities are incorporated which will come of use to the kids. So, tools like MS software can be easily found in all these computers. But some other expensive tools which will not be used by the kid are not included. And that brings down the cost heavily.

An Android computer can also be purchased for the kids. Such a computer is not just economic but comes with super-stunning features. Here are some of the features that you can easily find in a kids laptop:

  1. Miniscule size: One of the reasons why kids need a computer is that they need it to do school work and to carry it to the school. Therefore, an Android computer is wafer thin in shape and miniscule in size. Several pounds of weight are sliced off from these skinny laptops so that their portability increases. Children can carry them on their arms and the small volume fits them easily on the desk space. May be, the day is not far when such cheap laptops will even fit into the pockets.
  2. Student friendly: These gadgets are student friendly. That is to say the features they have make it easier for a student when he is planning to search for some material or store any data. An average Android computer has Bluetooth which facilitates exchange of information amongst the students. It also comes with Wi-Fi feature which enables connectivity at all places. Some computers have high storage capacity even reaching 32 GB easily. This is very helpful for students planning to save their works, documents and notes.
  3. Recreational aspect: If you look from the recreational aspect, even then a kids laptop scores highly. The child can play those numerous in-built games which are not just fun but also challenge the grey cells. Watching videos is also a delight because of the friendly screen and high quality.
  4. Inexpensive: These are really cheap laptops which can be bought at very low prices. They are light, portable, have all those attractive features and are priced lower than your ordinary computer. What more can you ask for?
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OS Of Today: The Android Operating System

With the number of technological companies manufacturing computers in the fray, there is bound to be a demand for a good operating systems to be used. The android has recently proved its mettle quite efficiently and is the most sought operating system now. They obviously have some advantages over the other operating systems to be used in most of the tablets and mini netbooks.

The first and foremost advantage of android tablets is their cheap price. The tablets powered by android are a lot cheaper than the Apple iPads. They even allow downloading third-party software which the iPad prevents. These tablets have a good interface, but the main scorer is that it can be easily customised to suit the needs. Even a new user can easily explore the features without much difficulty. Netbook androids have pretty quick response capabilities. The plethora of apps available on the internet for the android OS is incredible.

The android tablets have great features such as face and voice recognition, handwriting recognition, wi-fi, variety of sensors, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. In partnership with the netbooks, which already have customised specifications, the android uses the flash memory to make processing even faster. An Android OS device is a powerful, portable PC which gives users the ability to perform hundred of tasks. You could use a netbook android to entertain yourself. You might listen to music, take photographs and edit them, read ebooks, arrange compositions and even play some of them with the music apps or even watch a movies on the flat LCD screen.

You could use it for official purposes too. It serves as a paperless office, using the virtual notepad instead of real paper. You can make presentations, download PDF files and use the office applications. An mini netbook is certainly a good buy if you need to check your email too often. You can easily log in and out of the internet using the android tablet due to their fast speed and portability. Another reason of android’s popularity is their availability in various devices. They can be made compatible to most of the devices and software. That is why most of the companies have adopted the android operating system. Since android is acquired by Google, it has apps for most of the Google’s services like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Voice, and also shopper, translate, and finance.

The android tablets and netbooks can be very difficult to choose from since they come in a lot of varieties. All you need to do it track down your requirements, look up the internet for the best suited device and buy it! There are many sites which deliver the android computers to your doorstep such as The prices are always going to be less than the market price. The sites provide great deals & offers and free shipping too.

Android makes the mobile computing experience much more satisfying than any other operating system does. No doubt they wear the crown in the market.

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Letting Go Of The Desktop For The Compact & Sassy Netbooks

Well, if it’s difficult to choose a proper dress from your wardrobe for a party from a handful of available options then think how difficult it’s going to be when you would have to choose from a galaxy of options available for computers. There are a lot of cheap netbooks and laptops out there and the services they provide can blow off the lid of anyone’s mind.

Owing to their portability almost everyone is buying a laptop now. Some consumers purchase these laptops for work, home, children, travel buddy, backup computer, media player, fun gadget to own and portable computer while at the coffee shop. You can have a mini-size computer with a built-in GPS, you could drive away and not worry of losing your directions. The Netbook has a touchpad and an option for a USB mouse too. It generally has three available USB ports to fit a mouse, a flash drive and a keyboard.

The battery power is fairly strong supporting the portability factor. It normally lasts 4 hours while active and nearly 7 hours on standby. The laptop weighs around 1-2 kg which makes it pretty handy. A netbook cuts out the CD/DVD-ROM to decrease the size and weight. They possess a good data storage capacity. Besides the office utilities they come with a variety of apps used for entertainment purposes. One can edit photographs, arrange compositions, play music or even watch a movie.Netbooks are very useful for the corporate sector. An average corporate professional spends a lot of time in commuting. They have to make heavy presentations for their companies. This is where a netbook helps saves you valuable time. The netbooks connect to the web a lot faster due to their highly customised specifications.

There are a several 7″ Computer  which have become the latest craze of the customers. They are an excellent breed of high-end design computers. They are cheap, stylish, fast and handy. The 7″ Computer may not be the best to watch a movie since people prefer big screens, but it bridges the gap between a mobile phone and a computer to a large extent.

The prices of the netbooks have fallen tremendously since their advent in the early 2007. Now a lot of cheap laptops are available in the market. There is a healthy competition among the companies which further lowers the prices plus offers are always available. There are various brands available such as Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, MSI, LG, Sony, Toshiba etc. to buy a cheap netbook. The choices they give along with the cheap price tags make them a pretty good buy. The internet too is brimming with sites dedicated to sell cheap laptops. They offer free shipping and enticing offers.

The man has surely become a lot dependent on the computers. And why not?? They are god sent mini machines making our tasks much easier. Buy one and you will know why they are so popular.

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